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Personal Deposit Boxes


Personal Deposit Boxes

Your important and treasured belongings can be discreetly and conveniently stored in a Kennards Deposit Box. With locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide you can enjoy superior access and service than banks offer.

In addition, Kennards Self Storage owns the building and property. There is no lease with a fixed expiry or relying on continuing rent payment. This enduring proven long term tenure means your Box will not need to be emptied or moved.

Best of all, customers are not required to provide 100 points of identification.

Rental of the Box is in simple monthly payments. There is no requirement to pay annually in advance. In addition, there are no hidden fees and charges.

Ideal for Storing

Kennards Deposit Boxes offer an ideal solution for storing a range of personal effects.

Convenient, Easy and Simple Personal Custody Boxes