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Buy Grange for a steal and fill up your Kennards Wine Cellar!

grange_729-620x349The SMH reported today, that a substantial collection of Australia’s favourite crimson drop, Penfolds Grange is being auctioned on the Grays Online Website. There are three days to go on this auction but as of this-afternoon the bids range from $301 for a ‘Bin 95” Grange (1992) to a $1795 for a ‘Bin 95’ Grange Hermitage Magnum (1955).

The pièce de résistance auction of the week features 97 bottles, ranging from the 1979 to the 2005 vintage, including 27 magnums.

Gray’s Online is estimating that the bottles will sell for 65-80% below retail value. The collection was obtained from a private cellar and the auction comes to a close on Thursday night.

Kennards Wine Storage recommends that the lucky auction winners should get their prized purchase into their very own private cellar ASAP.  We are offering three months free storage for the auction winners Grange, because at Kennards we understand that age-worthy wine deserves better!

To organise your free storage contact

Author: Lynda Walsh, Wine Cellaring Business Development Manager, Kennards Self Storage

Paper Bottle Joins Wine Receptacles

By Warren Barton

Featured in – The Southland Times

Bottles-made-from-paper-by-GreenBottle-300x152Imagine this: A customer goes into a wineshop or a supermarket to buy some wine and is asked by staff if they can help and how.

No. Hold on. Let’s forget about the supermarket, where finding assistance is difficult enough and getting it almost impossible.

So we are in the bottle shop. OK.

The customer says: “I’m looking for a Marlborough sauvignon blanc.”

“Certainly, ” says the helpful, and obviously knowledgeable assistant. “Do you prefer it in a bottle, cask, plastic container, can or paper?”

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A Fresh Look at Screw Caps, the Latest in the Cork Wars…

ScrewCapWineLidsBy Rob Geddes

There is a down side to screw caps that is not often discussed but has been the subject of recent research. The good news for wine drinkers is that problem bottles can be easier to identify than corks faults.

The media at large don’t seem to want to worry the public with the fact that screw caps have liabilities that have not been discussed out in the open. Not all screw caps are equal; the lux caps are immune to most of the common problems screw caps suffer.

Standard Screw caps are overall better than cork but they do have limitations – 1% of the wines that I receive with screw cap show variation and screw cap denting is the major source of variability. Subsidiary reasons are that screw caps other than black coloured ones become softer when heated for the application of colours and logos.

Research proved that the wine freshness after a standard screw cap dented, shows that Stelvin Luxe is the superior closure followed by natural cork and then diam.

The take home message is:  don’t buy bottles with dented screw caps and be aware that denting them at home shortens shelf life, and quickly too; with effects noticeable over the next 4 – 10 weeks when the quality of the wine under a dented cap declines.

Author: Lynda Walsh, Wine Cellaring Business Development Manager, Kennards Self Storage

Penfolds 2013 Icon and Luxury Collection

penfoldsPenfolds 2013 Icon and Luxury Collection

2008 Grange leads a striking collection of wines in this year’s Penfolds Icon and Luxury release—wines that reflect the great Australian spirit, impeccable provenance, winemaking philosophy, heritage and the passions and dedication of generations of winemakers. Released globally, the 2013 Icon and Luxury Collection features seven wines, including five from the highly acclaimed 2010 vintage.

The ultimate expression of the time-honoured Penfolds tradition of sourcing the best fruit from the best regions and skilfully blending to the Penfolds house style, Icon and Luxury wines are renowned for their cellaring ability and will continue to grow finer with time.

The 2013 Icon and Luxury Series includes:

•  2008 Grange
•  2010 Yattarna Chardonnay
•  2010 Penfolds Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon
•  2010 Penfolds Bin 169 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon
•  2010 Penfolds Magill Estate Shiraz
•  2010 Penfolds RWT Barossa Valley Shiraz
•  2009 Penfolds St Henri Shiraz

These wines are available from today, Thursday May 2nd, at fine wine stores nationwide and the Penfolds Cellar Door—Magill Estate, 78 Penfold Road, Magill SA 5072, Tel: (08) 8301 5569 and Penfolds Cellar Door— Tanunda Road, Nuriootpa SA 5355, Tel: (08) 8568 8590.
For further information please visit

Author: Lynda Walsh, Wine Cellaring Business Development Manager, Kennards Self Storage

A Better View for Wine Lovers

Kennards Wine Cellar West EndKennards Wine Storage now have 15 Wine Cellaring facilities within Australia and New Zealand. Six in NSW, three in Queensland, four in Victoria, one in South Australia and one in Mt Eden New Zealand.

With constant marketing in wine magazines such as Winestate, Gourmet Traveller and James Halliday, and the occasional wine tasting at our wine cellars along with the great response and recommendations form storers, this niche market continues to grow.

Six months ago we started the process of placing wine graphics in all of our cellars to make use of the wall space and give a more appealing setting to our wine cellaring enthusiasts. We have just recently completed the Queensland cellars at Newstead, Milton and West End, adding graphics to the front of the cellar doors and also inside at the ends of the corridors.

This will be the theme for all of our centres moving forward. We are currently working through NSW and New Zealand and will then move onto Victoria and South Australia.

Author: Sharon Dux, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, Kennards Self Storage


A Taste of Australian Wine

Cabernet SauvignonCabernet Sauvignon

By Gavin Trott

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s finest red wine grapes. From Bordeaux to California and increasingly in Italy and even Chile, Cabernet makes great red wines. Australia is no exception making great Cabernet in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and the Hunter Valley.

Cabernet grapes tend to be thick skinned with bunches of small berries, and also only give moderate sized crops in general. This means that wines made from these grapes will have plenty of skins from which to get colour, flavour and tannin, and have plenty of flavour as a finished wine.

Cabernet based wines can tend to be quite tannic when they’re young, but age very gracefully with a softening of the tannin and the slow development of complexity, cedar and cigar box aromas. In regions where the grapes do not quite ripen there can be a ‘capsicum’ or ‘green bean’ character. This can add complexity to the wine, but if more than a trace it tends to distract from the experience and be a fault. Very ripe Cabernets from warm climates tend to be less distinctively Cabernet, and develop chocolate and richer flavours, and while delicious young, do not cellar as well. The flavour profile in Cabernets tends to be black and red currant, blackberry, and cassis, with occasional hints of mint, chocolate and even regional earthiness.

Regional versions of this wine can be noticed and I will mention these below along with some recommended wines to try from each region.

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Brisbane Wine Enthusiasts are Loving Kennards Wine Cellars

Wine GlassesThe demand for wine storage has grown rapidly around Brisbane and Kennards Self Storage has kept pace with this growing need, by opening wine cellars at Newstead and West End to join the already well-established Kennards Wine Storage cellar at Milton.

Kennards operates differently to some wine storage providers. Some other wine storage facilities operate on a warehousing basis and will charge you for retrieving bottles from your collection as they keep them in a group situation accessed by company’s staff. This coming and going in order to fetch other peoples wine all the time, results in your valuable wine being exposed regularly to damaging light and vibration because other peoples product near yours is being moved regularly on and off the same shelf.

Kennards Wine Storage does things very differently. We provide you with your own private wine cellar and only you have the key, only you have access to your wine. Therefore light and vibration is limited to the degree to which you open the door on your cellar and move your wine. Crucially important to the serious collector and enthusiast alike.

Kennards wine cellars are new state of the art temperature controlled atmospheres, alarmed and with humidity control they also offer you 24 hour pin code access.

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Ten Tips for Wine Newbies

Kennards Wine Storage – Don’t fill your cellar with the wines you like at the moment. The temptation may be strong to buy cases and half-cases, but I guarantee that your tastes will change, and then you’ll be left with a cellar full of wines that, no matter how well rated by the critics, you won’t feel like drinking.

– For this reason, buy experimental bottles in preference to full cases. There are just so many wines out there, of so many different styles, that it makes sense to buy plenty of ‘educational’ bottles.

– Attend as many tastings as you can. Taste and learn. But remember to spit!

– Remember to take the opinions and advice of wine ‘experts’ with a pinch of salt. If any wine ‘expert’ is worth listening to, they’ll be humble enough to acknowledge that they are fallible and that their expertise can by necessity only cover certain areas.  

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Australian Wine Treasure Up For Grabs

Australia’s most iconic wine estate, Seppeltsfield, has released a rare piece of wine history this week, with the unveiling of a “Perfect” six pack Tawny set.

Featuring wines over 100 years old, the new ‘Para Limited Release Anthology’ comprises of 6 vintages of Seppeltsfield Tawny (Port), each having received the perfect 100 point score from renown wine scribe, James Halliday. The estate has released only 20 Anthology sets world?wide, individually signed by the industry doyen.

The Anthology, for sale in cellar door for $4000 each, includes 100ml bottles of vintages 1912, 1911, 1910, 1909, 1908 and 1907, all drawn from Seppeltsfield’s historic Centennial Cellar. It represents a first for the country, as no other winery before has produced six consecutive vintages of 100 point rated wine.

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