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Penfolds 2014 Icon and Luxury Collection

PenfoldsReleased May 1st – celebrating 170 years of winemaking

Penfolds is proud to announce the annual release of its Icon and Luxury Collection. This year’s release is particularly significant as the winery celebrates 170 years of winemaking heritage. Since 1844, Penfolds has cultivated a reputation on winemaking excellence; achieved through a unique alchemy of distinguished vineyards and viticultural caretakers, exceptional winemaking resources and a rich history of outstanding winemakers.

As ever, new stars shine within each Icon and Luxury Collection and this year’s release is no exception.The 2009 Grange is true to style, offering a voluptuous yet harmonious palate, the classic and time-honoured St Henri performs as the superb alternative expression of Shiraz while Yattarna showcases trademark refinement and intensity.

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This May, Raise a Glass at Aussie Wine Month

AWMThis May, Australians are invited to raise a glass and join the country’s biggest celebration of Australian wine – Aussie Wine Month.

Now in its third year, Aussie Wine Month (AWM) is a month-long celebration of Australian wine and a chance for you to indulge your taste buds, unlock the foodie within and enjoy the many top drops from our own backyard through a magical mix of food, wine, music and epicurean adventures in Australia’s top restaurants and wine regions.

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Is Your Wine Slowly Turning Into Expensive Vinegar?

pouring red wineWouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a chateau where you have acres of cellar available for your wine collection? Unfortunately, many of us live in small spaces where we’re lucky if we can spare even a few square feet for an extra armchair. At Kennards Wine Storage Ivanhoe we can help you achieve your dream of an ever growing wine collection in a climate controlled space.

Here are 5 helpful tips from Kennards Wine Storage Ivanhoe:

1. Don’t expose your wine to big fluctuations in temperature.  Even a short exposure to extreme temps can cause chemical reactions that will ruin your wine. Kennards Wine Storage Ivanhoe can help with that. We have a climate controlled basement cellar and we check the conditions on a daily basis.

2. Keep it organised.  Develop a system–whether on paper or in a computer wine cellar database that lets you easily keep track of what bottles you have and how long they’ve been aging. Kennards Wine Storage Ivanhoe can help with that also, as we supply each unit with wine tracking, pricing, and age forms.

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Wine Storage and Cellaring

cork and screw capHow should I store wine?

The essentials of wine storage remain the same, though the sweeping impact of the screwcap must now be considered. James Halliday guides us through the ins and outs. The elephant in the wine cellar is the screw cap. Of the 6827 wines detailed in my 2012 Wine Companion, 85 per cent used screw caps, while tellingly, only eight per cent used one-piece natural corks (the remainder using various other closures). Even this tells only part of the story: 96.8 per cent of white table wines were screw capped and less than one per cent used cork. Clearly, in terms of wine storage advice in Australia, it is a whole new landscape.

There are several reasons for this mass migration from corks to screw caps by Australia’s winemakers. Cork taint – usually by a substance in the cork called trichloranisole, or TCA for short – is the less important reason. While the mouldy smell and taste this taint imparts can make the wine undrinkable, Portuguese cork makers have belatedly changed the way wine corks are made, and reportedly reduced the incidence of cork taint to below three per cent – from a much higher level in the 1990s.

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How to Invest in Wine

bigstock-Coins-In-A-Wine-Glass-9866161The buzz around wine investment has dimmed in recent years, but what are the pros and cons? We ask around to find out if you can still make a profit from wine.

Words David Brookes

Wine investment is a funny beast, as it tends to inflame passions. It can make your ears prick up at the thought of diversifying your current investment portfolio with a sneaky few glasses of top-shelf wine along the way. Or if you are a purist, the very thought that wine can be considered in such a way may repulse you. A middle ground no doubt exists – purchasing wines with the aim of selling a percentage of the bottles to fund your hobby – and this probably sums up my attitude. But whatever the path, the best piece of advice is simple: research is the key to any success.

Despite the fads and fashions of the wine industry, certain wines have historically fared better than others in investment terms. First released in 1991, the Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine has become the benchmark for investment in Australian wine. It ranks this country’s best-performing wines, based on market demand and secondary (or auction) market performance over time.

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When should I drink this wine?

Questionmar WinekThis is possibly the most commonly asked of all questions. I will attempt to provide answers, but first I must emphasise that personal preference means some tasters enjoy young wines and others old wines.

There is no right or wrong in the choice, although it is true that those with limited tasting experience will usually prefer young wines with primary fruit flavour. As they gain knowledge and experience over the years, they will gravitate to mature wines with secondary (or mature ‘developed’) characteristics, while a few will venture even further into wines that are positively old.

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Stuart Rusted shares his Cellaring Tips for the Wolf Blass New Release Wines

WineStorage7As we approach the annual release of our luxury wine range, I’d like to share a few thoughts on the often overlooked area of wine cellaring and storage – both the physical storage as well as how to determine when a wine is at its drinking peak. Bottled wine is a surprisingly fragile thing, and storing it correctly (especially if the plan is to mature the wine over a number of years) is vital to ensure it develops into the best wine it can be! Below is a simple guide outlining what to do, and what not to do when it comes to looking after those cherished bottles.

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The 7 Rules for Perfect Pairing

untitledPairing Rule Number 1

Serve a dry rosé with hors d’oeuvres

Good rosé combines the fresh acidity and light body of white wines with the fruity character of reds. This makes it the go-to wine when serving a wide range of hors d’oeuvres, from crudités to gougères.

Pairing Rule Number 2

Serve an unoaked White with anything you can squeeze a lemon or lime on

White wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño and Vermentino (typically made in stainless steel tanks rather than oak barrels) have a bright, citrusy acidity that acts like a zap of lemon or lime juice to heighten flavors in everything from smoked sablefish to grilled salmon.

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The Evolution of Kennards Wine Storage

In its infancy, Wine Cellaring was a niche part of the Storage industry that was slightly neglected from a company-wide business development perspective. In 2010 Sam Kennard saw the opportunity to grow this niche market further, with many opportunities and partnerships presenting themselves.

In 2010 Lynda Walsh assumed the Business Development role and began growing industry partnerships by building new wine cellars, expanding existing cellars, becoming involved in advertising and marketing, hosting wine tastings and building up Team Member training.

Lynda Walsh has been a part of the Kennards Team for 8 years and has always shown an interest in wine cellaring. Born in The Clare Valley she has grown up with wine, so it’s no surprise that she enjoys not only the industry, but  a good drop while experiencing all things wine!

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