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Penfolds to Increase Focus on Glass Closures


Penfold’s chief winemaker does not believe screwcaps are the future of closures, at least in the higher end of the market, revealing that the company is now investigating glass as the best alternative to cork for some of its bottles.

All of Penfolds’ white wines have been under screwcap since 2004, with screw-capped wines stretching back to 1971 providing a solid base for comparing their development. However its red wines are still closed with a mixture of cork, synthetic cork and screwcaps.

Gago said his main issue with screwcaps for red wines was not necessarily the ageing of the wines, as this has not yet been thoroughly tested over time, (the oldest Penfolds wine under screw cap dates from the late 1990s), but the fact that using a screwcap masks the impact of heat damage.

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The Five S’s of Wine Tasting


Start by observing the wine’s colour.

Red wine: Is it maroon, purple, ruby, garnet, red or even brownish?

White wine: Is it clear, straw-like, golden, light green, pale yellow, orange or brown?



Give it a little swirl. The swirling action helps aerate the wine, producing an oxidizing effect that helps enhance the wine’s flavour and natural aroma.


To get a good impression of your wine’s aroma, gently swirl your glass and then take a quick whiff to gain a first impression.

Do you smell Oak, Berry, Flowers, Vanilla, Mineral, Honey or Citrus?


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Your Tips For Good Wine Cellaring

Kennards Self Storage GlassYour wine is valuable and treasured aspect too important to risk being ruined by poor storage. Private cellars at Kennards Wine Storage are an ideal option for all wine collectors, investors, wine merchants, restaurants and boutique wineries. We have a range of sizes so you can grow (or shrink) your collection easily. From as little as 8 cases up to many hundreds, all collectors are catered for.

Temperature Stability – Wine will prematurely develop if stored in an environment that has large temperature variations, particularly if these occur frequently. Wine should never be stored in temperatures that are too cold (under 12ºC) as this will inhibit the development of the wine. Similarly, wine stored in temperatures that are too warm (over 19ºC) will cause overly rapid development of your wine. Our temperature control systems ensure the wine cellar temperature is very stable.

Suitable Humidity – If wine is stored in conditions that are too dry, the cork will shrink and cause leakage. Too moist, and mould and contamination may occur. Kennards Wine Storage maintains moderate humidity levels (55%-75%) to avoid these problems and assist in the optimum wine development conditions.

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Kennards Ends Climate Change

Kennards Wine Storage5web

Controlling the climate in wine cellars means that temperatures and humidity remain stable, irrespective of what is happening in the real world.

At Kennards the wine cellars have sophisticated climate control systems, while also often located in subterranean spaces to ensure the optimum conditions for wine to develop.

While many people on the planet are worrying about the effects of a changing climate, wine cellaring enthusiasts at Kennards are resting easy while their treasured liquid assets enjoy climate stability.

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Tell-all series gives rare insight into the families behind the Barossa’s leading wines

vinesA new television series offers an unprecedented insight into what really goes on in the lives of the people of the vines in Australia’s most famous wine region, the Barossa.

People of the Vines Barossa is a six episode observational documentary series hosted by multi-award-winning wine writer Tyson Stelzer, capturing the joys and the heartaches of a high-stress vintage.

“It’s a great privilege to capture the real lives of the Barossa on film,” says Stelzer. “There are no scripts – we arrive with a camera crew early each morning and film whatever transpires. At the height of harvest there are always plenty of thrills and no shortage of spills!”

The series follows the highly successful first season, People of the Vines Tasmania, which was seen by more than 1 million viewers across Australia, and screened on 60 networks with a reach of 180 million viewers globally.

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The Rosé Revolution – Pink is the new Black!


Have you noticed the friends that once told you that Rosé wines were too sweet, too soft or not real wine… are now drinking them? What about the super popular ‘Yes Way Rosé’ Instagram account, now trending in anything pink… or the highly successful ‘Real Men Drink Rosé’ marketing program.

So if you haven’t already worked it out, let me tell you; Rosé wines are ‘So In’ right now and they are not going anywhere! Real, Smart, Wine-Wankers, Grown Men and Women of the world are now onto this trend and its time you joined in.

Why should I drink Rosé you ask? It’s the least disappointing wine you will enjoy, simple, and crisp, whilst delivering structure, acid and prettiness. You really can’t go wrong with this wine. It comes in so many styles and this alone seems to be where people go wrong, by not picking the best Rosé to suit their palate.

You need to know what you’re buying; do you want sweet or dry? I’m going to share a few simple tips to ensure you pick the right drop;

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Christmas Wine Hangover – Preparation Time!

Merry Christmas

Preparing for a big night on wine is like preparing for a triathlon. You need to ensure your body is prepared for the onslaught you are about to put it though. Warm ups consist of eating right, vitamin intake and water consumption.

Vitamin B is the key

Ever wondered why you keep running to the toilet when you start drinking? Alcohol is a diuretic, from your first fatal pee, to what feels like the 1000’s after, you are losing important vitamins. Start taking vitamin B tablets 24 hours before your big event, the day of and the morning after for best results.

Get a good meal into you

Ditch your diet, because a grilled Salmon or chicken salad will not prepare your body to absorb the large amounts of alcohol you plan on drinking. Think pizza, pasta, chicken parma or a tasty burger. A large meal won’t take your hangover away but it will slow down the speed that your body absorbs the alcohol and keep you going longer. After all you don’t want to be known as that person that can’t hold their liquor!

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The Story of Tahbilk

Alister JOhn Purbrick

The story of Tahbilk is one of innovation, entrepreneurship, survival and extraordinary continuity; one rarely witnessed in Australia’s wine history.

Looking back at Tahbilk’s colourful history, the winery has certainly achieved a level of success and stature that render many envious; the largest single planting and some of the oldest Marsanne vines in the world, its iconic 1860 shiraz block also amongst the oldest in the world, five generations of family ownership and the oldest family owned winery in the State of Victoria.

Tahbilk is located in the Nagambie Lakes region of central Victoria. The property comprises some 1,214 hectares of rich river flats with frontage on the spectacular Goulburn River. Tahbilk has been identified as one of only six wine growing regions in the world where the mesoclimate is dramatically influenced by the inland water mass resulting in a cooler than expected climate and this, coupled with the unique red sandy loam soil which is high in ferric-oxide, has extremely positive effects on the quality of the grapes produced.

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Winemaker of the Year, Peter Fraser!

Peter Fraser Yangarra Estate

What is the difference between a good wine maker and a great one..? Before getting to know Peter Fraser I couldn’t tell you the answer to this question. But after talking to the 2016 Winemaker of the year I can easily tell you what makes this winemaker, worthy of such recognition.

It starts with his intimate knowledge of viticulture, the attention to detail in every aspect of the vineyard, his passion for traditional wine making methods, openness to trying new things and thorough knowledge of every aspect of the winery from the vineyard to the buyer.

Finally, Peter has heart, a true love for wine and the endless pursuit to create great wines!

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Another Year of Fine Wines – Australian Wine Companion Awards

2016 Wine CompanionLast Tuesday 28th July Winners of the Qantas epiQure Halliday Australian Wine Companion Awards were announced at a Sparkling Gala Dinner. The Awards were held at the Melbourne Museum, marking the release of the 2016 Wine Companion.


Six major Awards were announced: Wine of the Year, Winery of the Year, Winemaker of the Year, Best New Winery of the Year, Best Value Winery of the Year, and Dark Horse Winery of the Year.

The major Award winners are listed below:

Wine of the Year (sponsored by Qantas epiQure) : Serrat 2014 Shiraz Viognier, Yarra Valley, VIC – read James Halliday’s review

Winery of the Year (sponsored by Tourism Australia) : Tahbilk, Nagambie Lakes, VIC – read James Halliday’s review

Winemaker of the Year (sponsored by Capitol Grand) : Peter Fraser from Yangarra Estate, Kangarilla, SA – read James Halliday’s review

Best Value Winery of the Year (sponsored by Kennards Wine Storage) : West Cape Howe, Mt Barker, WA – read James Halliday’s review

Best New Winery (sponsored by Subzero Wolf) : Bicknell fc, Gladysdale, VIC – read James Halliday’s review

Dark Horse Winery of the Year: Terindah Estate, Geelong, VIC – view James Halliday’s Top 10 Dark Horses

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